BSc Honours

Extended Project Qualification

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Classroom based

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23 Month(s)

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The Extended Project is best understood as a mini dissertation - students identify a topic, set their own question, carry out a piece of academic research and finally produce an extended piece of writing (c. 5000 words) on their chosen subject. Alternatively, they can produce an artefact accompanied by a shorter essay (c. 2000 words)
This opportunity will prepare you for study at the top universities as well as providing an exciting chance to escape from the standard routine of A-Level study. It will enable you to focus, in depth, on a subject or subjects that you enjoy and wish to study to a higher level. It carries UCAS points (it counts as 50% of an A-Level) and is graded with students able to achieve up to an A star qualification. It will strengthen your personal study skills and help you to develop greater independence in your learning.
In total you will be expected to spend approximately 120 guided learner hours producing your EPQ. - Between 25-30 hours will be directed time. This is either made up of taught lessons at the start of the process or in the form of 5-6 meetings with your supervisor over the course. These meetings will allow the supervisor to check your progress as well as giving you advice on where to go next. - Once you have identified your topic and question, the centre co-ordinator comments on your project proposal - this must be approved before you continue your research. At the end of the project, learners are required to give a live presentation, which must include a Q&A session. You must record the process in a formal project log which is submitted alongside your final essay. All work is assessed by the centre but is moderated by the chosen exam board.

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