BSc Honours

Fine Art and Design A level

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Classroom based

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20 Month(s)

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The broad-based Art, Craft and Design title will enable students to explore a range of two-dimensional, three-dimensional or time-based approaches to their studies. Artists, craftspeople and designers, while working within their own disciplines, are often inspired and influenced by those working in a wide range of different creative areas. They draw inspiration from images, compositions, forms and ideas outside of their own discipline. They work frequently in multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary ways, breaking traditional boundaries to create works of art, craft and design that combine ideas, concepts and materials in new ways. Artists, craftspeople and designers all follow a creative process, in which they explore and develop approaches to communicating ideas visually. When generating and developing new ideas they are pro-active, persistent and self-motivated. Producing creative, dynamic and exciting outcomes, they can inspire and challenge the viewer through interaction with their work and engagement with their ideas. Disciplines within Art, Craft and Design Students should be encouraged to work and develop skills in a multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary way, exploring the connections between areas of art, craft and design and gaining knowledge and understanding of the scope and variety of disciplines and approaches. You begin with an initial intensive induction to the course to equip you with the skills and concepts to embark on a personal assignment, developing a project which reflects you as a budding artist.

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