BSc Honours

French Beginners

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Classroom based

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2 Month(s)

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Are you interested in finding out more about French language and culture? Do you enjoy holidaying in France, and want to get by in the language? Do you have family or friends who live there and speak the language? Do you have a holiday home there, or maybe you are thinking of buying one. Then this is the course for you.There are no entry requirements for the Beginners Course. All that is required is enthusiasm and a willingness to put in regular study outside the classroom.If you have completed the first term of this course either here or at another institution then it may be possible to join the group in January, please contact Student Services for further details. Please note that all courses are subject to a minimum number of learners.We endeavour to run all classes on the first evening, but a minimum number of learners must have pre-enrolled. A decision to continue to run the class will be made based on the number of learners who attend in the first week.We recommend that students start in September and continue through to June.

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