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Chemistry is an exciting and challenging subject which helps us understand the world in which we live. It occupies a central and pivotal position in the sciences and its study develops an appreciation of many aspects of our complex and technical society. Chemists provide many of the materials of everyday life, together with the knowledge to improve healthcare and to appreciate and tackle major environmental problems that face us all. Studying A-Level Chemistry allows the opportunity to understand these chemical reactions and explore the new innovations of material science. A-Level Chemistry (7405):
Paper 1: Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
(35% of exam - 105 marks - a mixture of long and short questions)
Paper 2: Physical and Organic Chemistry
(35% of exam - 105 marks - a mixture of long and short questions)
Paper 3: Any content and any practical skills from the two year course
(30% of exam - 40 marks of practical skills, 20 marks any topic and 40 marks of multiple choice)
Practical endorsement award.
Practical assessment:
There is a series of twelve standard practical tasks that all A-Level students undertake (six in Year 12 and six in Year 13). Students have to design and carry out careful experiments and have to interpret and analyse data to reach reliable conclusions. Candidates are awarded with a practical endorsement at the end of the A level course.

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