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GCE A Level in Further Mathematics B (MEI)

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23 Month(s)

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Topic areas studied within Pure Mathematics include complex numbers, which allow the solution of a range of equations that would otherwise have no solutions, through the introduction of 'imaginary' numbers, and matrices which consist of grids of numbers that can be used to represent transformations and are used to solve simultaneous equations amongst many other uses. Other areas of Pure Mathematics are also covered such as polar co-ordinates, differential equations and hyperbolic functions. Each of these builds on earlier topics and encourages the development of a wider understanding of the ways in which mathematical topics are interconnected.
In Mechanics students will learn basic principles of forces and their moments, work and energy, impulse and momentum and centres of mass are used to model various situations, including: rigid bodies in equilibrium; particles moving under gravity, on a surface, in a circle, attached to springs; bodies colliding with direct or oblique impact.
In Statistics situations are modelled by discrete random variables; the suitability of models is tested using ?2 tests. Bivariate data are investigated, with tests for correlation and association and modelling using regression.

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