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The world in which we live is rapidly changing. A-Level Geography allows us to understand how and why it is changing and how we can respond and adapt to such change, through examination of contemporary case studies and ideas. Geographical issues have become increasingly frequent in local, national and international debates including global physical hazards, climate change, globalisation, migration, urbanisation, extreme weather, energy security, water conflicts, global superpowers, and development, to name but a few! During this A-Level Geography course you will study all the above issues - and many more besides. There has never been a better, nor more significant time, to study Geography. A-Level (involves 4 days of fieldwork over two years):

1: Dynamic Landscapes (30%)
Tectonic Processes and Hazards; Coastal Landscapes; The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity; The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security; Climate Change Futures
2: Dynamic Places (30%)
Globalisation; Shaping Places; Superpowers; Global Development and Connections
3: Physical Systems and Sustainability (20%)
This synoptic investigation brings together your understanding of geography from across the course to examine a specified place. It will link to themes e.g. players, attitudes and actions; futures and uncertainties.
4: Human Systems and Geopolitics (Coursework 20%)
This independent investigation is an opportunity for you to specialise and investigate an area that interests you. You will define and investigate a question of your choice, then collect qualitative and quantitative data, and present, analyse and evaluate it, in order to develop your geographical understanding.

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