GCE A LEVEL in Health and Social Care

GCE A LEVEL in Health and Social Care @ All Hallows Catholic School

For the AS :–

Unit 1 Human Growth & Development. This examined unit will develop your knowledge & understanding of key patterns of growth and development. You will learn about the experience of health & well-being.

Unit 2 Communication & Values. This unit examines the importance of communication in all caring activities. You will learn about the values involved in care.

Unit 3 Positive Care Environments. This unit considers the fact that organisations & society have a responsibility to protect & safeguard the rights of those who are vulnerable in our society.

For the A2 :–

Unit 7 Meeting Individual Needs. This examined unit assesses your knowledge & understanding of how health & social care services are structured & provided within the UK.

Unit 8 Promoting Health & Well-being. You will find out why health promotion campaigns are carried out, how topics and target groups are identified.

Unit 9 Investigating Disease. You will learn about the disease process & will carry out an individual investigation into various aspects of 2 specific diseases.

This course is ideal for students who prefer assignment assessment, which makes up 2/3 of the course. The overall A level grade is awarded based on the total marks for the examined unit & 2 coursework units each year. You will spend 2 of your study periods working in a care environment. Your coursework in year 12 is based on this placement.

1 Human Growth & Development - External exam - Year 12

2 Communication & Values Coursework – a report of your interaction in the care sector based on your work placement - Year 12

3 Positive Care Environments Coursework – a report concerning services for specific user groups based on your work placement - Year 12

7 Meeting Individual Needs - External exam - Year 13

8 Promoting Health & Well-being Coursework – you will plan, implement and evaluate a health promotion - Year 13

9 Investigating Disease Coursework – a comparison of 2 diseases - Year 13