GCE A LEVEL in ICT @ All Hallows Catholic School

For the AS you will develop an understanding of:

• The use of ICT in different situations.

• The effects of the use of ICT.

• The range of hardware and software to solve ICT based problems.

• The principles of human-computer and computer-computer communications.

• How to tailor applications to meet a specific need.

For the A2 you will be encouraged to:

• Develop analysis and design skills to solve problems.

• Be systematic when producing a solution.

• Apply your ICT knowledge to different contexts.

• Produce an individual project by developing communication, and time management skills when producing a solution for others.

Module title Description of work / Assessment method Completed

Information, Systems and Applications Written exam (2 Hours) – 30% Summer

Structured Practical ICT Tasks Modular assessed coursework tasks set by the exam board – 20% March

ICT Systems, Applications and Implications Written exam (2 Hours) – 30% Summer

ICT Project Assessed coursework project chosen by the student – 20% March