GCE A LEVEL in Media Studies

GCE A LEVEL in Media Studies @ All Hallows Catholic School

An understanding of the media is essential to inform the decisions we make in today’s world. If you are interested in the following questions, then Media Studies might be the subject for you…Are the representations of women, and men, in magazines like Nuts, FHM and Cosmo, stereotypical and sexist, or harmless and entertaining? Why do some audiences find the humour of South Park, Borat and The Family Guy hilarious, whilst others think it’s offensive? Should we be worried that the vast majority of media companies are owned by a very small number of people? Who controls our understanding of the world? How far is it possible to represent reality on screen, or in the news?

How will you be assessed on this course?

For both AS and A2, the course is assessed by one exam (50%) and practical production coursework, accompanied by written analysis (50%)

AS Unit 1


I hour 30 mins 50% of AS

(25% of A-level) Investigating the Media

Combination of essay and short answer questions

Unit 2

Coursework 50% of AS

(25% of A-level) Creating Media

Two linked practical productions (moving image and print news/website), plus a written evaluation.

A2 Unit 3


2 hours 25% of A-level Critical Perspectives

Combination of essays and short answer questions

Unit 4


25% of A-level Media: research and production

Critical investigation (extended essay)

+ Linked production piece