GCE A LEVEL in Music

GCE A LEVEL in Music @ All Hallows Catholic School

You will study performance as a soloist and as part of an ensemble, undertake stylistic and free compositions, analyse a range of music, complete harmonic exercises, demonstrate aural perception and general musicianship.

Module title Description of work / Assessment method Completed

1 Performance 3 minutes recital By April / May

2 Composition A three minute composition with score By May

3 Developing


Understanding Section A Listening

Section B Investigating Musical Styles

Section C Understanding chords and lines

(2 hour exam) June

4 Performance 12 – 15 minute recital By April / May

5 Composition

& tech study One three minute composition

One technical study exercises (3 hour exam) By May

6 Further Musical

understanding Section A Aural Analysis

Section B Music in Context

Section C Continuity and Change in instrumental

Music (2 hour exam) June