GCE A LEVEL in Philosophy & Ethics

GCE A LEVEL in Philosophy & Ethics @ All Hallows Catholic School

For the AS you will study the OCR Philosophy & Ethics syllabus. It provides the opportunity to study a range of philosophical approaches to life from philosophy of religion and religious ethics. Some of the fundamental questions that will be explored within these approaches are: Why are we here? How should we behave? What happens to us when we die? What is the nature of the self (mind and body)?

For the A2 you will develop your understanding of the modules covered at AS. This will require you to show an understanding of the connections between the modules and other aspects of human experience.

You will be assessed using the exam board criteria, a copy of which is included in the student handbook. All units are marked externally by the exam board and each carry equal weighting of 25%.

Module title Description of work / Assessment method Completed

1 Religious ethics 1 Ethical theories: Natural Law; Kantian Ethics; Utilitarianism; Religious Ethics; Applied ethics – abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, war and peace. Year 12

2 Philosophy of

Religion 1 Exploring philosophies of Plato and Aristotle; Judeo-Christian influences on philosophy; Arguments to prove God’s existence; Challenges of psychology and sociology to religious belief; religion and Science. Year 12

3 Religious ethics 2 Ethical topics and theories: Meta-ethics; Free Will and Determinism; Nature and role of Conscience; Virtue Ethics; Applied Ethics. Year 13

4 Philosophy of

Religion 2 Attributes of God; Life after Death; Religious Language; Religious Experience. Year 13