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Physics provides the perfect opportunity to experience the mysterious; A-Level Physics explores everything from the very smallest to the very biggest; it is, quite simply, the study of the universe. The AQA specification has been written in consultation with universities to ensure that it allows students to develop the skills that the universities want to see. The course is designed to support and inspire students, nurture a passion for physics and lay the groundwork for further study in science or engineering. The course will take you from the fundamental building blocks of matter - electrons and quarks - through the larger scale physics of the situations of every-day life, and out into the depths of the universe in astrophysics.

Areas of Study for A-Level Physics

Year 12:
1. Measurements and their Errors
2. Particles and Radiation
3. Waves
4. Mechanics and Materials
5. Electricity

Year 13:
6. Further Mechanics and Thermal Physics
7. Fields and their Consequences
8. Nuclear Physics
9. Astrophysics

Practical Assessment
There is a series of twelve standard practical tasks that all A-Level students undertake (six in Year 12 and six in Year 13). Students have to design and carry out careful experiments and have to interpret and analyse data to reach reliable conclusions. Candidates are awarded with a practical endorsement at the end of the A-Level course.

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