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GCE A Level in Psychology

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23 Month(s)

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A-Level Psychology is usually defined as the science of mind and behaviour. It has become an increasingly popular A-Level to study, we believe, due to its versatility (Psychology complements most other A-Level subjects), transferable skills (you will be expected to write essays, carry out scientific investigations, debate psychological issues and analyse data) and interesting subject matter. Any subject that offers insight into how we as humans function, and can tackle the very difficult why questions about human nature, is a subject that has the greatest impact on our lives. Initially we study Approaches to Psychology, Social Psychology, Biopsychology, Psychopathology, Remembering and Forgetting, Attachment and Research Methods. In the second year the topics are Gender, Schizophrenia, Forensic Psychology and Issues and Debates. In all of these you will be taught in a mixture of styles. You will need to do reading and preparation for classes and you will be encouraged to carry out research. You will do a lot of note taking, essay writing and you will also carry out psychological investigations.

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