German GCE AS / A2 Level

German GCE AS / A2 Level @ Newcastle-under-Lyme College

The course is designed to give you a profound understanding of German. You will deal with subjects which are relevant to young people and learn how to express your opinions on them. Not only will you acquire a comprehensive grasp of the mechanics of the language but you will also learn about the culture of Germany, the country at the heart of Europe. Moreover, now as never before, a higher level qualification in a language is a major asset in the ever more competitive employment market.

Year 1

? Leisure and Lifestyles, including travel and tourism, sport, hobbies, entertainment, customs, traditions, healthy living - health and nutrition, diet and exercise; unhealthy living - drugs, aids, smoking, alcohol, etc.

? The Individual and Society, including relationships and responsibilities, gender issues, youth culture (values, peer groups, fashions and trends etc) education, vocational training and future careers.

Year 2

? Environmental Issues, including technology pollution, global warming, transport, energy, nuclear energy, renewable energies, conservation, recycling, sustainability.

? Social and Political Issues, including the role of the media, racism, immigration, social exclusion and integration, terrorism, world of work (employment, commerce, globalisation, etc).

? Two cultural topics: the World of cinema, the World of Literature, the Regions of Germany.