BSc Honours

German Intermediate

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Classroom based

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2 Month(s)

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A course for people who have already completed a Beginners' German course, or have an equivalent level of knowledge of the language.Students will usually have studied German for a year previously at Beginners level, or perhaps they have completed a GCSE a few years ago and want to refresh their knowledge. Students must be familiar with gender (masculine, feminine and neuter) and case (nominative, accusative and dative) and be able to use the present tense. The course is divided into 3 terms over the academic year. Please note that each term is enrolled and payable separately. Students can join at the start of any term, but if they are starting in January or April they must be aware that they are joining a continuing class. Please note that all courses are subject to a minimum number of learners. We endeavour to run all classes on the first evening, but a minimum number of learners must have pre-enrolled. Please do enrol early to ensure that the class will run on the first evening. A decision to continue to run the class will be made based on the number of learners who attend in the first week.We recommend that students start in September and continue through to June. It may be possible to join at the beginning of the second term but this must be with the permission of the tutor and with the reassurance that the student has sufficient prior knowledge. It is not possible to join in the third term.

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