Health and Social Care Extended Diploma

Health and Social Care Extended Diploma @ Airedale Academy

Designed to provide you with a specialist work-related qualification, this course is perfectly suited to anyone interested in entering nursing, youth work, child care, social work, care of the elderly, or any of the other occupations associated with Health and Social Care. Students will develop their work-related skills and knowledge and, in addition to completing coursework and selected external assessments students are required to arrange and attend a range of appropriate work placements in order to gain practical experience to demonstrate knowledge and understanding.

Students will study for the BTEC Extended Diploma, which is the equivalent of three A-Levels and recognised by employers and universities.

You will study a wide range of units over two years covering a range of topics which could include: effective communication, life-span development, public health, environmental health, caring for children, sociological and psychological factors. anatomy and physiology, and many more. You will have the opportunity to participate in a mixture of activities, discussions and presentations. Some time will be available for supported independent study to produce coursework and undertake your own research.

The majority of the course is assessed through the completion of coursework which is marked internally by staff and then moderated by the exam board selected units are externally assessed.

Work experience is an important part of the course and will give you an insight into the various professions and the opportunity to practice your skills.