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Students can choose to study History to either AS or A Level. The course is linear and all exams will be taken at the end of the course: for AS at the end of Year 12 (2017) and for A Level at the end of Year 13 (2018).
In the first Year students will study one British history unit. This unit focuses on the early Tudors, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I. It looks at the break with Rome and Henry VIII?s struggle for a male heir.
Students also study Russia from 1894-1941. It starts with the rule of Tsar Nicholas II and why there was a revolution in 1917. It then looks at the creation of a Communist State and Stalin?s dictatorship.
History A Level gives students the opportunity to develop the techniques of critical thinking in a historical context ? and the skills necessary to analyse and solve historical problems.Students also develop the ability to communicate historical arguments and conclusions clearly and succinctly with reference to appropriate historical terminology.
These are skills sought after by Universities and employers alike History students go on to a variety of different careers including law, journalism, the media, business, the civil service, accountancy, theatre costume and set design, as well as careers in History such as teaching, museum work and archaeologists.

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