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Year 12 Topics:
The Russian Revolution and the Rise of Stalin 1917 - 1929
This topic looks at the February and October Revolutions in 1917, the establishment of the Communist state and
how Stalin rose to power.
Consolidation of the Tudor Dynasty: England 1485 - 1547
This topic looks at the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII and the issues of power, authority and society.
Year 13 Topics:
Stalinƒ??s Rule, 1929 - 1953
This topic looks at economy and society, 1929-41 (industrialisation, collectivisation and the cult of Stalin; Stalinism,
politics and control 1929 - 41 and the Great Patriotic War and Stalinƒ??s dictatorship, 1941 ƒ??53.
England: Turmoil and Triumph 1547 - 1603
This topic looks at instability and consolidation and if there was a mid Tudor crisis during the reigns of Edward VI
and Mary Tudor before looking at the triumph of Elizabeth I.
Civil Rights in the USA
Students complete a 3500 word essay looking at change over a 100 year period; e.g. how the social, legal, political
or economic status of African Americans changed between 1860 and 1970. There will be a short taught course
followed by an independent investigation task.

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