History GCE AS / A2 Level

History GCE AS / A2 Level @ Newcastle-under-Lyme College

The AS course (Year 1) focuses on British History 1860-1930 The Changing Position of Women and the Suffrage Question and Democracy and Communism in the 20th Century.

The A Level course (Year 2) builds on the work done in Year 1 and focuses on International Relations 1880-1980 and From Kaiser to Fuhrer Germany 1900-1945. There will be a historical enquiry focusing on developing research skills and independent study.

All aspects of the programme will share certain common themes, both for AS and A Level. The course will develop awareness of individuals and groups, their attitudes and actions, and of society as a whole. It will also develop the ability to apply reason to issues concerning human values and to arrive at responsible judgements.