BSc Honours

Information Technology (BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate)

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Classroom based

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23 Month(s)

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This course provides the ideal foundation for those students who wish to pursue ICT at degree level or as a career. AS coursework is structured around tasks which cover a wide range of skills. The emphasis is now on business ICT focus, rather than the traditional computing perspective - areas like algorithms have been removed and candidates can gain skills that can be transferred into the business world. Year 12: Practical tasks allowing students to show their skills using a range of software. More advanced ICT theory for the practical and theory side of ICT. Year 13: Systems Life Cycle ICT Project. More advanced ICT theory based on information systems and implementing change. You will enjoy this course if you would like to: Be able to select and use appropriate ICT tools and techniques to help you carry out investigations; capture and handle data; solve problems; make decisions; present and communicate information; Increase your awareness of the benefits and drawbacks of ICT and its impact on the way people live their lives; Learn how to plan and manage projects and work effectively with others. Potential Careers: Technician, System Analyst, Database Administrator, Web Editor, IT Trainer.

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