BSc Honours

Computer Science

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Classroom based

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2 Year(s)

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Aƒ?? Level - Unit 01: Computing Principals ƒ?? Externally Assessed ƒ?? 40%
Aƒ?? Level - Unit 02: Algorithms and Problem Solving ƒ?? Externally Assessed ƒ?? 40%
Aƒ?? Level - Unit 03: Computing Project ƒ?? Internally Assessed (Coursework) ƒ?? 20%

The qualification encourages candidates to develop their knowledge and understanding of computer systems, the principles of computing (including programming) and how these are applied to the solution of problems. Additionally, the specification encourages candidates to gain an understanding of systematic methods ƒ?? such as the use of algorithms and test strategies, the maintenance of computer systems, and the skills associated with documenting solutions ƒ?? and encourages candidates to further develop skills associated with applying this knowledge and understanding to producing computer-based solutions to real problems.

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