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Communication skills are at the forefront of our work. This means that much of the work is done in pairs or groups, producing dialogues, debates, group presentations and dramatisations, based around a wide range of current and topical themes. A careful study will be made of the grammar of the language to enable effective communication in all these areas. The first half term will have a special focus on grammar and oral skills improving students' ability to communicate spontaneously in the foreign language.

Reading comprehension skills will be practised through the exploitation of different kinds of texts. Students are issued with their own textbook and online account, and this, along with newspaper and magazine articles, downloaded from the internet will form the basis of our work.

Video and audio clips accessed via the internet and viewed on an interactive whiteboard or in the departmentƒ??s own multi-media suite, will be used regularly to promote listening skills and to heighten awareness of current affairs.

All this work will be aimed at developing an awareness of, and interest in the language, society and culture of those countries in which French is spoken.

The department offers a wide and varied programme of study trips and exchange visits to give students the opportunity to practice their oral skills and to learn more about the countries where they are spoken. Opportunities at present are as follows:

French : Y12 Study visit to Paris (1 week)

All students are encouraged to apply for courses and scholarships with the British Council which allows them to spend time in their chosen country following a language course or preparing a project of personal interest.

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