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2 Year(s)

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Sociology is about making sense of the world we live in. It is the understanding of the cultural and identity issues which affect us all. It is about how society affects each individual and how we become to be who we are through the socialisation process. The course offers opportunity for critical thinking skills and to learn about the social world in which we live in.

The majority of students who study the subject have not taken GCSE Sociology. What we are asking for is an interest in current issues and a willingness to read around the subject. Students can reflect on their own life experience through a different way. Sociology does involve short answer and extended writing skills which will be developed through the duration of course. You will also develop the ability to think in a critical way.

First Year of A level

Compulsory content
ƒ?› Education with research methods
Optional content
ƒ?› Culture and identity

Second Year of A Level
Compulsory content
ƒ?› Crime and deviance with theory and methods

Option two
ƒ?› The media

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