Law GCE AS / A2 Level

Law GCE AS / A2 Level @ Newcastle-under-Lyme College

Firstly, you will learn about the underlying principles that our legal system is built upon, including: the court hierarchy; roles of legal professionals; the various law making bodies. Following on from the underlying legal principles, you will study various laws in more depth and discuss how to apply these in real life situations. Laws that you will study include Offences Against the Person; Murder; Manslaughter; Negligence and Nuisance. Finally, you will discuss the ethical aspect of law, i.e. does and should the law be based upon the morals of society?

Year 1 (AS Level)

• LAW01 (Law Making) - You will study the role of Parliament; Judges; Local Authorities and the European Union in making laws. In addition, the underlying principles of law are discussed, including the court structure and how civil disputes can be settled.

• LAW02 (The Concept of Liability) - You will study criminal and civil law in more detail and will act like a solicitor/barrister giving advice. The emphasis of LAW02 is application of the law. In detail we look at the offences of assault; battery; Actual Bodily Harm; Grievous Bodily Harm and the tort of Negligence.

Year 2 (A Level)

• LAW03 (Offences Against the Person) - You will study in more detail the offences against the person, including the fatal offences of murder and manslaughter. In addition, you will study potential defences that can be pleaded to offences against the person and the effect of these on sentence.

• LAW04 (Tort & Concepts of Liability) - You will explore and study the civil side of law in more detail and in particular the torts of Negligence and Nuisance. In addition, concepts of liability will be discussed, including the morality of the law and issues around fault within the legal system.