Level 1 Vocational Studies

Level 1 Vocational Studies @ Stratford-upon-Avon College

Sometimes you don't always get the exam results you were hoping for, you may have become disengaged with education or you just need to build your confidence before taking that next step. If any of the above points apply to you, then Level 1 may just be the exciting opportunity you've been looking for, to provide you with valuable skills, in an environment that treats you like an adult and helps you make an informed decision about your next step. This 1 year course will enable you to explore a vocational area of study that interests you in a practical and hands on way. With a wide selection of opportunities available we are sure that we have something for everybody, with choices including: Business and ICT, Health and Social Care, Art and Design, Sport and Public Services, Performing Arts and Media, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality. In addition to the vocational area of study you will also be working to improve your English and maths skills at a level appropriate to your ability. While on this course you will not only benefit from subject specialist tutors who are experts in their fields but also from highly trained additional learning support embedded within classes where appropriate to ensure that you reach your full potential; whether that be study at a higher level, an apprenticeship or employment.