BSc Honours

Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Animal Management (540)

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Classroom based

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3 Month(s)

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This programme covers the subjects needed to develop the skills to care for, handle and manage a variety of animals. These skills and the knowledge that goes with them are essential for a career in the animal care or animal management industries or for degree level study.
This course includes the skills needed to care for, handle and manage a variety of animals for example an understanding of animal health, how the animal body works, their nutritional requirements and additional subjects such as behaviour and
communication, health and husbandry, exotics, breeding and genetics and business management. You will also undertake an investigative project of your own. There are lectures, talks from guest speakers, visits, practical sessions in the animal unit and work related experience. Your work is assessed continually throughout the course and also includes examinations under examination conditions.. You would normally study the Advanced Technical Diploma (540) in year 1, and progress to the Advanced Technical Extended Diploma (1080) in year 2. There are 4 x pathways available at the York and Wakefield Campuses - Canine and Companion Care, Zoo and Collections, Wildlife and Conservation, and Animal Science.

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