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Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Land and Wildlife Management (540)

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Environmental Conservation and habitat management includes the management of upland, lowland, woodland and wetland habitats, it includes the conservation of species such as red deer, the conservation of habitats such as indigenous British forests and integration of land based business with sound conservation practice. Environmental conservation includes aspects of tourism and recreation within the landbased and environmental sector. The course reflects an industry need for land managers with a solid understanding of conservation and environmental systems within a range of habitats. The course provides the necessary background knowledge and practical skills for managers of upland, lowland, coastal, river, wetland and forest habitats, primarily within the UK. In addition, the course will develop a range of specific and transferable management skills relevant within the land based sector. Units within the course will cover topics such as an understanding of the ecology that underpins successful habitat management for game and wildlife, An understanding of current legislation within the land based sector impacting on environmental control, An understanding of the management of natural resources and the benefits gained Askham Bryan College provides excellent science facilities and access to most major British habitats. Between Askham Bryan Colleges York campus and Newton Rigg Campus Cumbria we have unlimited access to upland, moorland, lowland, wetland, forest and river habitats. The course will include industry based experience in the form of work experience one day per week.

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