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A Level Chemistry

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2 Year(s)

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Chemistry is very much at the forefront of technological advancement such as the development of new medicines, food and materials. The
specification aims to stimulate interest in chemistry and to develop an appreciation of how chemistry is used in society, particularly in the areas of social, economic, environmental and technological innovations. Many of the practical skills are transferable between the sciences as is the development of an understanding of the method of investigative science.

In Year 12 students will study foundations in chemistry, the periodic table and energy, plus core organic chemistry. In Year 13 they will study
physical chemistry and transition elements, as well as organic chemistry and analysis.

Many career paths including medicine, pharmacy, veterinary science, bio chemistry, food science, forensic science and engineering require an understanding of chemistry and many higher education courses in these fields require chemistry A Level as a prerequisite. However, chemistry A Level is also highly valued independently for its academic rigour and many students also go on to pursue non-scientific careers such as law.

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