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A Level Economics

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Economics is a social science which studies how people decide to allocate their resources to different uses at both a micro and macro level. Micro economics is the study of how the prices and output indifferent individual markets are determined. Macroeconomics is the study of broad aggregates and averages such as inflation, employment, government spending and the balance of payments. Economics will allow students to develop the ability to make rational and consistent judgements using their skills of literacy, numeracy and data handling within an economic context. Classroom work will include a wide variety of activities designed to allow students to show their full capability. An interest in the subject and a willingness to cover a great deal of new material in a short space of time is important.

Year 1 Modules
The Operation of Markets and Market Failure
The National Economy

Year 2 Modules
Markets and Market Failure
The National and the International Economy
Economic Principles and Issues

Economics is a valued academic subject which requires a logical approach to issues and problems. It is acceptable for college/university entrance and is relevant to everyday life. Economics will combine well with business studies, history, geography, sociology and mathematics.

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