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BTEC Applied Science Level 3

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2 Year(s)

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The BTEC Level 3 Applied Science course will give an understanding of the essential skills and attitudes required to begin a professional career in the scientific industry or move on to further education. The course is designed to be flexible so that it can reflect individual interests and career aspirations and consists of three core units plus a choice of three specialist units.

Students complete two mandatory units in Year 12. Principles and Applications of Science covers some key science concepts in Level 3 biology, chemistry and physics. In Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques students are introduced to quantitative laboratory techniques, calibration, chromatography, calorimetry and laboratory safety, which are relevant to the chemical and life science industries. Two further units are studied in Year 13. Science Investigation Skills covers the stages involved and the skills needed to plan a scientific investigation (recording, interpreting, drawing conclusions and evaluating). Physiology of Human Body Systems focuses on the physiological make up of three of the human body systems (musculoskeletal, lymphatic and digestive), how the systems function and what occurs during a dysfunction.

International recognition of BTEC courses enables successful students to progress straight from their courses into employment or further education. There is a wide range of prospective careers open to students, for example sterile services technician, forensic scientist or medical photographer. This qualification carries UCAS points and is recognised by many universities for entry onto degree level courses.

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