BSc Honours

BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in IT

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Classroom based

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2 Year(s)

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Information Technology (IT) involves the use of computers in industry, commerce, the arts and elsewhere. IT includes systems architecture,
human factors, project management and the general ability to use computers. Increasingly businesses are implementing IT strategies to
manage and process data both to support many business processes and to deliver new opportunities.

Students will study two units in Year 12 - Creating Systems to Manage Information (externally assessed controlled assessment), as well as Using Social Media in Business (internally assessed). A further two units are studied in Year 13 - Information Technology Systems (externally assessed examination), as well as Website Development (internally assessed).

ICT is a versatile subject and supports many academic subject areas. There will be the opportunity for students to develop and to build on a
range of skills which will act as a preparation for entering the work place. This course will also enable students to achieve qualifications which will lead to higher education and onwards to a career in ICT or another area.

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