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The?ÿA Level consists of three main branches of?ÿMathematics that students are required to study before a university degree in a mathematical related course.?ÿPure Mathematics is a selection of high level algebra including Euclidean Geometry, Calculus and Trigonometry.?ÿStatistics involves developing new methods on analysing data to find different types of averages, expected results, deviations and variations in the data. There is also a large data set that students will need to be familiar with and be able to use software to analyse various results for the data. Students will also look at different types of probabilities, such as conditional probability which is based on a series of outcomes.?ÿMechanics involves studying the kinematics of particles, in other words: how things move in the physical world. It has?ÿsimilar topics to A Level Physics and it is essential for those wanting to study engineering or architecture.?ÿ

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