Photography Level 3 GCE AS Level / A2

Photography Level 3 GCE AS Level / A2 @ Newcastle-under-Lyme College

The course aims to increase your understanding of composition, lighting, camera controls and lenses and will develop your visual and critical awareness. It will introduce you to practical, theoretical and technical aspects of Photography. You will be encouraged to explore a variety of media; both digital and film-based. You will explore images and resources relating to photography and to other art and design disciplines.

You will participate in 4.5 hours of study per week in the AS year and 5 hours in the A2 year.

This will include darkroom, studio and class-based activities. You will also use locations; in your own time, and occasionally in class time.


You will study two units; Unit 1 being comprised of shorter, skills-based projects, and Unit 2 being in response to a starting point chosen from a series of questions or starting points', set by the exam board. A controlled test (5 hours) is undertaken during this period. Experimentation with techniques and materials and exploration of ideas is of vital importance, in order for you to create a personal and meaningful response to each project.


Again, this comprises of two units, the first being self-initiated. The aim is to produce a well-developed, ambitious and exciting project, which needs to be well researched. A written essay of between 1000 to 3000 words accompanies the submission. The final unit is made in response to a set question, chosen from a series of starting points set by the exam board. This culminates in a controlled test (15 hours).