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Year 12
The key mechanical engineering principles of Motion, Forces in action, Work and energy and Materials. This is then followed by a thorough exploration of the core principles of electrical engineering; electric charge and current, energy, power and resistance and electrical circuits. Finally, you will be presented with an opportunity to study the bizarre and fascinating world of quantum mechanics and wave particle duality. As Neils Bohr famously said, ƒ??If quantum mechanics hasnƒ??t profoundly shocked you, you havenƒ??t understood it yet.ƒ? Throughout Year 12 practical aspects of physics will be a key focus and you will develop some of the essential skills of scientific investigation: planning, implementing, analysis and evaluation.
Year 13
The scientific principles laid down five hundred years ago by the greatest scientist who has ever lived, Sir Isaac Newton. You will become expert in the use of and application of Newtonƒ??s Laws of Gravitation, Circular Motion and Oscillations. You will then learn about the Physics of George Stephenson and the Industrial Revolution in the Thermal Physics topic, followed by electric fields, magnetic fields and capacitators. Probably the most exciting topics on the A Level course are left until the end. You will have your mind blown by the Nuclear/particle Physics, Medical Imaging and Astrophysics units. Again, practical skills are an essential common thread running throughout Year 13 Physics. These will build upon the skills acquired in the previous year of study.
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