Politics @ Aldridge School - An Academy

Unit 1: Government and Politics of the UK

• People, Politics and Participation:

An introduction to the political world: Why do people vote? Who do they vote for? How do elections work? Why do people take part in political protests?

• Governing Modern Britain

How is Britain governed? How are laws made? Who holds the real power in this country?

Unit 2: Government and Politics of the USA

• Politics of the USA

This unit looks at how Politics in the USA is conducted. How is the President elected? What is the difference between a Primary and a Caucus? Why do Republicans and Democrats dominate? How much power do pressure groups in the USA wield?

• Government of the USA

How is the USA governed? What is the difference between a senator and a governor? How much power does the president really have? What is the constitution?

Unit 3: Political Ideas

• Students study 4 ideologies including the 3 core ideologies of liberalism, conservatism and socialism. They will also study one non-core ideology, Nationalism.