BSc Honours

Religious Studies

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Classroom based

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2 Year(s)

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All pupils study 3 components:
Christianity includes :
The Christian Scriptures as a source of wisdom and authority - their use and treatment in worship and daily life.
Contemporary views about the person of Christ, with reference to at least two key scholars.
Philosophy includes a consideration of ultimate questions such as the existence of God, life after death and the nature of the debate between science and religion. They are taught to construct arguments concerning these areas and consider the evidence put forward by scholars.
Ethics involves initially studying a number of approaches to ethical decision making, such as Utilitarianism, Natural Law and different Christian denominations. Pupils critically assess each of these approaches.
AS Level (Year 12)
Christianity (written paper 1 hour 15 minutes)? 33% of qualification
Philosophy (written paper 1 hour 15 minutes)? 33% of qualification
Ethics (written paper 1 hour 15 minutes)? 33% of qualification
Those studying Religious Studies/Theology at degree level have entered diverse professions and employment; the ethics component is especially helpful for those considering careers in caring services.Some students with Religious Studies have also entered the teaching profession or specialised in the religious field.

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