BSc Honours

Religious Studies

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Classroom based

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24 Month(s)

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The course consists of three components which are individually assessed. These components are; ƒ??Philosophy of religionƒ??, ƒ??Religion and ethicsƒ?? and ƒ??Developments in religious thoughtƒ??. In ƒ??Philosophy of religionƒ?? learners will study philosophical issues and questions raised by religion and beliefs. These include arguments regarding the existence or non-existence of God and the problems of evil and suffering in the world, as well significant wider philosophical concepts and the works of key philosophical thinkers both ancient and modern. The study of ƒ??Religion and ethicsƒ?? is not only about moral theories but applications of these theories to modern issues such as euthanasia and human sexuality. ƒ??Developments in religious thoughtƒ?? provides an opportunity to study one religious tradition exploring religious beliefs, values, teaching and practices as expressions of human identity. Also, in this component we will consider ways in which religious traditions have evolved and developed over time, including the religious responses to challenges and significant social issues. All components are assessed in three separate final written examinations.

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