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Sociology is the study of society and looks at how human behaviour is influenced by different social institutions. It is about understanding why people do as they do and considers how society has changed and the impact of such changes on human behaviour and thought.
What will I learn?
Year 1
In Year 1 students will cover 3 topics: Families and Households, Education and Methods. As part of the Families and Households unit you will learn about the trends within family life in the UK, different theoretical perspectives on The Family and about the emergence of childhood. Within the education module you will undertake the study of Education and how it has changed. You will also examine why some social groups do better than others within education. You will study research methods sociologists use and the strengths and limitations of such techniques.
Year 2
In Year 2 students will study 3 topics again. They are, Crime and Deviance, Sociological Theories and either Beliefs in Society or Global Development. Within the Crime and Deviance and Theory and Methods unit, you will learn about theories relating to which social groups are most likely to commit crimes and examine media representations of crime. You will also learn more about sociological theories and evaluate their significance for the study of society today and consider questions such as, ƒ??Is Sociology a science?ƒ?? and ƒ??Can sociological research ever be value free?
Please refer to the Sixth Form Prospectus on our website for more information about this course.

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