BSc Honours

Sociology A Level

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2 Year(s)

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Sociology is the study of how and why people behave as they do and the social influences that mould their actions and views. Whilst studying the course you will have an opportunity to investigate key issues such as: cultures and identities, the family, globalisation, and crime and deviance. The subject is taught using a variety of methods that will encourage you to assess and challenge opinions and events. In all A level units, students are encouraged to show their understanding of the links between the nature of sociological thought, the methods of sociological enquiry and the core themes of power, social inequality, socialisation, culture and identity. Candidates are encouraged to think holistically, developing their thinking, academic and personal skills in a new and proactive way. Students are expected to develop skills of independent learning. Crucially, to be successful students need to have a good standard of written English and be prepared to write essays and longer answer responses fluently. They will also need a real determination to succeed and be prepared to put in a considerable amount of effort!

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