Sociology AS Level / A2

Sociology AS Level / A2 @ Newcastle-under-Lyme College

For AS and A Level we follow the AQA specification. In year 1 (AS) the topics we will study include the Family; Education and Research Methods.

Family Module - Sociology of Childhood; Division of Domestic Labour; Family Diversity; Functions of the Family; Demography and Pattern of marriage & Divorce.

Education & Research Methods Module - Educational Reform; Social Policy; Function of Education; Differential Achievement by Class, Gender & Achievement, Methodology - Data; Observations; Questionnaires; Interviews; Experiments; Secondary sources and Sampling Techniques.

In year 2 (A2) the topics we will study include Crime & Deviance; Theory & Methods and Beliefs & Society.

The course includes a wide variety of learning experiences such as lectures, one to one tutorials, ICT based tasks, practical work, group work, discussions/debates, DVDs, and personal research when preparing for assessment.

Also, as part of your course in Sociology you will be offered the chance to go on several educational visits including a trip to New York, which includes many new cultural experiences including a tour of the United Nations. There is also a visit planned to the Childhood Museum in Derby as part of the Family Module for AS students and a visit to Keele University's Sociology Department for AS/A2 students.