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The course is focused on problem solving using computers and has an emphasis on the use of programming languages and mathematical skills used to express computational laws and processes. It aims to develop critical thinkers that understand the power and limits of human and machine intelligence.
ƒ?› Unit 1 - Computer Systems
ƒ?› Computer architecture (processors, input, output and storage devices)
ƒ?› Software development and low and high level languages
ƒ?› Exchanging data (compression, encryption, hacking, databases, networks and web technologies)
ƒ?› Data types, data structures and boolean algebra
ƒ?› Legal, moral, cultural and ethical issues
Unit 2 - Algorithms and programming
ƒ?› Computational thinking (thinking: abstractly, ahead, procedurally, logically and concurrently )
ƒ?› Problem solving and programming (Java, C, Python)
ƒ?› Algorithms to solve problems and standard algorithms (Efficiency of algorithms and sorting and searching algorithms)
Unit 3 - Programming project (coursework / Non-exam assessment)
ƒ?› User-driven systems lifecycle project
ƒ?› Analyse a problem and design a solution
ƒ?› Implement the solution
ƒ?› Test and evaluate the solution

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