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Psychology is an interesting, stimulating and challenging subject that complements a wide range of traditional subjects. Psychology is the Science of the mind; its subject matter is primarily people, their experiences and their behaviour although it does include some study of non-human animals.
The new specification has been designed to provide a broad introduction to the scope and nature of psychology as a science. The emphasis is on applying knowledge (rather than just acquiring it), thereby developing students' transferable skills of analysis, evaluation and critical thinking.

In Year 1 the topics include social influence, memory and early social development examined in paper 1 and the fundamental Approaches to Psychology and Psychopathology examined in paper 2. Research methods are studied within the context of these areas.

In Year 2 there are the additional aspects of Issues and Debates encompassed within Psychology, such as nature/nurture and ethics and Biopsychology which involves an appreciation of the Biology behind this discipline. There are also a range of topic-based options, and possibilities for study including Gender, Schizophrenia and Forensic Psychology.

Psychological research and scientific method also feature throughout the A Level with a practical and investigative emphasis requiring some understanding of statistical analysis.

The A Level is examined across three separate papers.

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