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In Year 12 the following topics are studied:
Education with theory and methods
In this unit we study the institution of Education and how it shapes the lives of young people in the UK. We explore how education does this through sociological studies and methods.

Culture and identity
We study Culture and Identity, where we look at ethnicity, gender and how the media impacts who we are and how we behave. We also look at the socialisation process and how important nature and nurture is in impacting our behaviour in society.

In Year 13 the following topics are studied:
Crime and Deviance with theory and methods
Students will study this compulsory unit which will look at how crimes are defined, why they are committed and who commits them. Deviance and cultural notions of what makes people deviant will also be explored.
This module focuses upon exploring the role of the media and news construction. We examine the media and question media content, how much media is reality and how does this influence our day to day lives. We explore this using various sociological views and theorists, where students are expected to apply contemporary examples.

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