Street Works Assessment

Street Works Assessment @ South West Highways Limited

The New Roads and Street Works Act requires that anyone who undertakes works for, or on behalf of a utility company, is qualified for the activities being carried out. The Street Works Assessment is intended for people who are involved with the ‘day to day’ aspects of the Act, in relation to openings in highways. Our Street Works course takes place at a dedicated training site where evidence is gathered on the competence of candidates in gaining the Street Works qualification. Candidates are required to complete job knowledge assessments throughout the course.

Upon successful completion of assessments, candidates will be competent and qualified in the following areas:


- Locating and avoiding underground apparatus

- Signing, lighting and guarding

- Excavation in modular and flexible surfaces

- Reinstatement of sub-base in non-bituminous material

- Reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials

- Reinstatement in cold lay bituminous material

- Reinstatement in hot lay bituminous materials


- Monitoring excavation in the road/highway

- Monitoring signing, lighting and guarding

- Monitoring reinstatement of hot and cold lay bituminous materials

- Monitoring reinstatement of concrete slabs

- Monitoring reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways