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The Route3 Programme is a one year programme. It offers a highly flexible step for those who are looking to boost their qualifications before Level 3 study programmes or entering the world of employment. At the heart of the programme are the skills and qualifications which todays employers want: English, maths, science, digital and creative skills, organisational and employability skills. The programme allows you to tailor your courses and to develop the skills needed for successful progression. A GCSE in English Language is vital whether you want to go to university, apply for an apprenticeship or get a job. Employers and universities will usually insist upon it as a basic requirement. It is important to be confident in the use of language because many of the skills required in every day life and study require English in order to achieve the best success. You can re-sit/take GCSE English Language alongside a range of BTEC and A Level courses subject to entry requirements. What will I study? For this course, you will study: explorations in creative reading and writing (paper one); writers' viewpoints and perspective (paper two). Both of these will be assessed by examination and are equally weighted. There is also an non-examination unit to develop your spoken language skills. Assessment. This course will be 100% examination. Where does it lead? Successful completion of this programme, when combined with your existing GCSEs at grade C or above, will give you 5 GCSE equivalent qualifications. This will allow you to move onto our Advanced Applied Programme (Level 3 BTECs). You will also receive guidance and tasters to help you select your next step. By achieving a number 4 or above in your GCSE in English Language you will have a much wider range of career options available and you will be able to apply for a variety of higher education courses at universities or through apprenticeship schemes.

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