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If you are interested in working in any of the Uniformed Services, e.g. ambulance, fire, police, armed services, this course will provide a solid start to your career. All students will take physical training, a mandatory part of the course, to help increase fitness levels to ensure they can pass a Uniformed Services fitness test.

This will include:
* Running
* Circuit training
* Fitness training in a weights room

There will also be many opportunities to participate in team activities.

Other opportunities include:
* Inter-group competitions
* Police Riot Training
* Visiting Service speakers
* Visits to Service establishment

All students will be given the opportunity to spend time away for the Forces looking at various trades within them. A weeks adventure training is held each year in places such as Wales. Students are encouraged to attend.

Visits to Service Establishments include:

* Local Fire Stations
* Police
* Ambulance Stations
* Police Firearms
* Wymondham Police HQ
* Colchester Garrison (Army)
* Wayland Prison
* RAF Marham
* Commando Training Centre Royal Marines
* HMS Bristol, Portsmouth and Belfast

Overnight exercises involving all students take part periodically at places including:

* RAF West Raynham
* Thetford Forest
* Thorpe Woodland and local areas

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