BSc Honours

Understanding Autism - Level 3

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Classroom based

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20 Week(s)

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This qualification (NCFE CACHE Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Autism) aims to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of autism.Within this qualification you will learn abouthow to adopt a positive approach to supporting individuals with autism the current legislative framework relating to individuals with autism how different theories have developed over time, how to support and manage transitions for individuals with autism.The range of therapeutic interventions and support available for individuals with autism and co-occurring conditions, how to support communication and social interaction for individuals with autism and how to develop an understanding of how individuals with autism may be vulnerable and the support worker's role and responsibilities relating to safeguarding according to legislative requirements.Learners will attend college for a 3 hour session, weekly (term-time only) for 20 weeks.Within these sessions there will be tutor delivery, question and answer, discussion, observation, group work tasks and individual tasks.It is expected that you will complete a minimum of 3 hours independent study, each week, outside of the class to complete your assignments.

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