Should I choose marketing as my course?

Marketing is a diverse field that will do anything but limit your career options. As technology and social media continue to advance, there is more scope than ever before for marketers to find their individual niche.

If you’re particularly interested in consumer behaviour and show an aptitude for spotting patterns, you may find you excel in a marketing role. Marketers combine statistical analysis with a psychological understanding of why consumers buy what they do to create strategies that businesses can use to maximise conversions and sales.

Marketing degrees also teach better communication skills, both as an individual and as part of a team - this makes you more attractive to future employers as you’re better suited to presenting convincing strategies to clients and colleagues.

How can I get into marketing?

To study marketing at university you’ll need at least 3 A-Level qualifications, though the subject requirements can vary from course to course. Many universities require at least one facilitating or humanities subject such as English Language, English Literature, Psychology, History, and Business Studies.

Marketing courses are also traditionally very flexible, and many universities offer combined courses for those scholars interested in a particular niche. For example, you may be able to study a combination of Marketing and Business, Marketing and a Foreign Language, or even Marketing and Psychology.

If university isn’t for you, there are hundreds of apprenticeship providers offering Marketing and Digital Marketing courses. Apprenticeships give students the opportunity to work in their chosen sector and earn as they learn, whilst attending colleges or educational institutes to complete sections of their course. Learn more about Apprenticeships here. 


Why use Enrol?

By using Enrol, you benefit from a simple, easily comparable list of marketing courses, tailored to you. We consolidate every marketing course and qualification offered in the UK, so you can be as informed as possible when choosing your course.