Embark on A Levels: a two-year journey choosing three or four subjects. Ideal for those aiming for university or a specialised career, it offers an in-depth academic exploration.


Explore Vocational Study Programmes, lasting one or two years. Focus on a single subject, blending practical skills with theoretical knowledge, perfect for industry-specific careers.


Join Apprenticeships, combining work with study. Work with an employer and attend college, gaining hands-on experience and skills for a head start in your chosen career path.


Discover T Levels, a new two-year route post-GCSE. Equivalent to 3 A Levels, they combine classroom learning with practical skills, preparing you for university or your career.

College Courses for 16 – 18 Year Olds. Your Journey Starts Here

Welcome to the crossroads of your future! At Enrol.co.uk, we understand that stepping out of school brings a world of choices and opportunities. Whether you’re just leaving school or have already taken that step, we’ve got a range of exciting pathways for you to explore.

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Ready to take the next step?

How to Apply: Begin by filling out a short form on our course pages. We’ll invite you to an enrolment event for a chat with a teacher and to complete a full application, subject to required grades. Some courses might need an audition or further interview, but we’ll guide you through it all.

Enrolment Events: Get a feel for what awaits you. Visit us during our enrolment events for a real insight into your future education. Check out enrolment event dates and details here.

Career Guidance: Not quite sure which path to choose? Our career advisers are here to help you make a decision that aligns with your aspirations. Schedule a one-to-one appointment for personalised guidance.

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  • Apprenticeships
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