Health & Social Care

Should I choose health and social care as my career?

The health and social care sector offers many diverse careers and job roles. This industry is crucial in ensuring that the public is cared for at every stage of their life, whether they be disabled, mentally ill, or elderly.

For some people, this type of job fulfils their sense of vocation - they have a strong desire to help and serve other people, and the health and social care sector may be their way of giving back to the community.

The health and social care sector is varied, although there are several core skills you’d be expected to demonstrate, such as innate care and patience, especially since your job will likely involve working with people who may find communication difficult.

Observance is also crucial in monitoring and spotting changes in a person’s condition, as is logic in handling difficult situations.

How can I get into health and social care?

There are a number of pathways into a career in health and social care. Many people interested in this sector first complete a health and social care A-Level, before heading to university and specialising in a health and social care related degree.

If you have an A-Level in health and social care, you could be looking at degree courses like Occupational Health, Social Work, Midwifery, Adult Nursing and Care, and Paediatric Nursing.

These degrees will likely lead you to a specialised job that you’ll have trained for during your time at university.

If you’d rather take an apprenticeship in health and social care, you’ll be earning as you learn, as well as gaining valuable experience in your chosen field. Find out more about apprenticeships here.

Why use Enrol?

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